The thrust of my research activity within the EFDL is towards an improved understanding of the global climate system. Through physically-based numerical models I address a variety of issues relating to the interaction of the global atmosphere with the ice and oceans of the polar environments. Perspective postdoctoral candidates with an interest in the above research area, or any related applied mathematical or computational science interests in problems of the global environment, are encouraged to contact me to discuss possible research and employment opportunities.

Graduate Students

The thrust of my research and educational activities within the EFDL is toward training the next generation of scientists in the development and application of advanced applied mathematical and computational techniques so as to provide them with the ability to study the physical environment of our planet and to be able to predict its sensitivity to change.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in paid summer appointments as Research Assistants in the EFDL may contact Prof. David Holland. These positions involve research in both computational and laboratory experimental approaches to the study of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and cryosphere.

High-School Students

High-School students in the New York City area interested in participating in the Intel Science Talent Search are encouraged to contact me to discuss potential projects.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column]